QR (quick response) codes have been used in communication today for information. It is made as a matrix code that is two-dimensional and uses binary or alphanumeric bar codes. It is primarily used in the United Kingdom and Japan. The popularity is spreading to the field of databases as well.

The storage is limited, but is sufficient to hold enough information to communicate what is needed. It could account for the identity of a person, product or direct a visitor to a web site on their mobile phone. Here are the limitations that currently exist for the codes.

1. It can store 7,089 numeric characters.
2. It can store 4,296 alphanumeric characters.
3. It can store 2,953 Binary characters.
4. It can store 1,817 Kanji/ Kana characters.

The encryption of these codes is very important. Most are not encrypted, even though they should be. The encryption is done using DES algorithms for security. The error correction is based on the content of information that is stored. The basics of the way that error correction affects the code are that the higher levels of error correction cause less information to be stored.

The rights to this technology are technically owned by Denso Wave. The ISO form of this technology is allowed for use as a “license-free” means to track and communicate information. The primary use is in retail and tracking of products. It is also used in identification of personnel and clients. If the technology really takes off, then it can be used for cars and other identity measures. This eliminates low-level crime for law-enforcement.

There are some concerns about risks when encryption is not used. Malicious attacks are possible through readers that are not secure when JavaScript is compromised. This is generally accomplished through a virus. When the phone scans an infected code, the phone and code can become compromised. The best means to control this and protect the information privacy is to place a lock code on the phone and allow it to be deactivated after a short while of inactivity. Encryption of the codes on the other end is essential to protect the customers and clients. While it does decrease the storage space, it also is essential for security.

The design is easy to understand. While the implementation is not wide at this time, it has been used enough to know that it has advantages that are significant enough to warrant future implementation. All of the concerns of prior users can be easily addressed when security is in place. All forms of modern electronic technology must adhere to that type of common sense. When that is in place, all of the concerns disappear.

Even with these security risks, QR codes are the best way to communicate through bar codes. They can be used in marketing to generate visitors and enables the exposure of new things to the masses through mobile phone applications. It is exciting when the use is considered for the future. The only thing that is currently missing is the wide spread use of the codes.

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