Anyone that wants to shorten his or her URL needs a URL shortening to accomplish that. The only issues are should URL shorteners be used? If the company that is used fails to connect the link to the correct place, then the link can become a “301” link to nothing. Here is a look at URL shorteners and the answer to the question “should URL shorteners be used?”


The pros to use them are numerous. The first point is the visual look of the link. Any URL that uses a link shortener will look better. While it might seem vain, it is really a big thing. It can make the site or marketing ad look bad. Bad equals no sales or action from the customer.

Some social outlets only allow so many characters in the posts. In order to use those outlets for social marketing campaigns, this is essential. It is well worth use for any social outlets for this reason and some others as well.

Some people do not want to click on a URL when it looks like a marketing link. There just seems to be a block for it. They might never click and leave the site completely. Depending on what happens, URL shorteners can ruin a good marketing campaign. No marketer should ever do that. When URL shorteners are used, the look is improved and the clicks will be successfully accomplished.

In some cases, a URL shortener can allow a link to be used in places that do not allow marketing. Not to say that anyone should break the rules, but if the desire is to allow a URL appear on such a site, then this is the way to go. A URL shortener makes it all work.


The cons to not use them are a few. The first issue, as mentioned already, is the fact that the URL is forever connected to the link shortening company that is used. If they fail, then the URL fails. If that URL is placed somewhere that is difficult to access, then the URL is trashed.

Along this line, the ability to access the URL information is very important. When a URL shortener is used, this is impossible. The marketing campaign has to be done from the beginning when the site fails in some manner, or the marketer wishes to change the campaign link.

When considering if a marketing campaign should use URL shorteners, the marketer needs to evaluate these pros and cons of the choice. Only then can the decision be made. If one is used, the marketer should consider using They offer tracking of the clicks with analytics to provide to the company with which the marketer reports. It even allows the URL to be redirected to a customized 301-landing page. This can direct the customer or client to go back and get the link that they need, or send an email to the site. All of that is best for any marketing campaign and it offers protection against the cons of using URL shorteners.

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