Everyone today in business knows that the goal is to attract customers to the site to get any type of business accomplished. The key to making sure that the information that is gathered from the visitors is to track the use. URL shorteners with tracking allow this to be simplified. They shorten the URL and allow the analytics to be easy to monitor.

No matter how good a product or site is, if the visitor doesn’t click on the original link to the site, then the URL is useless. The marketing campaign goes away and the whole endeavor is completely ruined. In order to avoid that, the site owner or marketer should use a URL shortening service. This allows the user to track the activity of the site.

There are several choices today Bitly and tinyURL are just a few that offer this. There are a few new ones on the list, but the only one that any business should consider is They are far superior to anything yet offered. They offer the site owner to do the following.

1. The user can track the link usage.
2. This can be used with a QR codes for multiple benefits.
3. It is very customizable.
4. It allows for incognito mode.
5. It can be used with anything that a computer user requires today.
6. It is part of the Chrome package as well.

The uses and benefits are obvious. There is nothing that compares to this for use with a URL shortener. It can be accessed directly from the Chrome browser for ease of use in marketing strategy creation.

Some social media outlets will shorten the URL for the user. That is very easy to use as well. It allows the user to have full control over their marketing campaigns. While this is beneficial, it doesn’t compare to the URL shorteners that Google’s Chrome offers through is decent for URL shorteners. It even allows the user to track their marketing campaign. The one thing that it does not offer though, is the use and implementation of QR codes. The information that is used with URL shorteners is the key to success in marketing. The customers will be more likely to click on the link and the entire transaction can be tracked to prove where your traffic is coming from. This is beneficial to any business and essential for a marketer.

The last reason that a URL shortener with tracking should be used is for sharing. When a user on Twitter shares a link through “re-tweets,” they also share the link. If the link is short, then the likelihood that the tracking will remain intact is secure. That translates to sales and leads that pay. It is easy to see that URL shorteners with tracking are possible and should always be used to allow the activity to be tracked.

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